Lifetime of Achievement: Deborah Surrette | Supply Chain Magazine

Lifetime of Achievement: Deborah Surrette | Supply Chain Magazine

Deborah Surrette, Chief Commercial Officer of GreyOrange, explains the company's role in the automation market. GreyOrange designs and deploys robotics systems for automation in warehouses and distribution centers. Surrette emphasizes the importance of educating clients about the opportunities and alternatives in the growing market. She discusses the challenges of a tight labor market and how GreyOrange can help customers overcome them. The company's focus on innovation and offering flexible robot-as-a-service models contribute to its growth. Serving customer needs and driving successful automation journeys are top priorities for Surrette and her team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Deborah Surrette?

Answer: Deborah Surrette is recognized for her extensive experience and significant contributions in the field of technology sales.

2. What recent position did Deborah Surrette hold?

Answer: Deborah Surrette most recently held the position of VP Sales with Oracle.

3. What is Deborah Surrette known for in the context of Supply Chain Digital?

Answer: Deborah Surrette is celebrated for a Lifetime of Achievement in the field of supply chain, as reported by Supply Chain Digital.

4. In which industry did Deborah Surrette achieve her Lifetime of Achievement?

Answer: Deborah Surrette's Lifetime of Achievement is in the supply chain industry, focusing on technology in particular.

5. What kind of background does Deborah Surrette have?

Answer: Deborah Surrette has a background in technology sales.

6. How can I learn more about Deborah Surrette's contributions to the supply chain industry?

Answer: You can read the article titled "Lifetime of Achievement: Deborah Surrette" on Supply Chain Digital's website for detailed insights into her contributions and work in the supply chain industry.

Unfortunately, without more information from the search results provided, it is not possible to generate more detailed FAQs about Deborah Surrette's lifetime achievements. For further details about her career, achievements, and contributions to the supply chain industry, you may need to access the full article on the Supply Chain Digital website.

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