Logistics firm Infra renews permit for works...

Logistics firm Infra renews permit for works...

Brazilian state-run logistics company Infra has renewed its environmental permit for widening works on the BR-040 highway. The permit covers 900km of the road between Brasília and Juiz de Fora and is valid for six years. The renewal allows the company that takes over the concession contract to move forward with the works. The government plans to publish the notice for the concession of a 232km stretch of the highway before the end of the year. ANTT divided BR-040 into three lots to attract investors after a previous concession ran into difficulties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The permit renewal allows the company to move forward with the concession contract for works on a $1.8 billion Brazilian highway. Source

2. When will the concession contract be tendered?

The concession contract is expected to be tendered in the coming months. Source

3. Are there any requirements for obtaining permits for street works in New York City?

Yes, in New York City, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires carting companies to obtain permits for commercial refuse container works. Source

4. How can I obtain permits for certain works in the United States?

You can obtain permits, including construction permits, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the relevant department or agency responsible for the specific work. Source

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