Maersk to Strengthen Cold Chain Logistics Footprint in India

Maersk to Strengthen Cold Chain Logistics Footprint in India

A.P. Moller – Maersk is building a Cold Store facility in Mehsana, Gujarat, India, exclusively for HyFun Foods. The facility will provide temperature-controlled storage for frozen processed food items. It will have high standards of temperature compliance and a customised racking system. The facility will be one of India's largest cold stores and will help HyFun Foods store all their cargo in a single facility. Maersk will provide an integrated cold chain solution, including transportation and ocean transportation. The facility will use sustainable practices, including solar energy and green building requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maersk to Strengthen Cold Chain Logistics Footprint in India

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FAQs about Maersk's Cold Chain Logistics Services

1. What is Maersk's approach to cold chain logistics?

Answer: Maersk provides integrated logistics solutions that ensure temperature-sensitive goods are transported under optimal conditions. They utilize advanced technology and infrastructure to maintain the cold chain during transport and storage.

2. How can I ensure my refrigerated cargo is properly cared for during transport with Maersk?

Answer: Maersk offers Cold Chain Logistics solutions that are supported by ongoing monitoring to ensure that refrigerated cargo is maintained at the required temperatures throughout its journey.

3. Can Maersk help with e-commerce logistics for temperature-sensitive products?

Answer: Yes, Maersk has services tailored to e-commerce logistics, which include order fulfillment and cold chain logistics capabilities to address the specific needs of online retail involving temperature-sensitive products.

4. What kind of technological solutions does Maersk use to support cold chain logistics?

Answer: Maersk utilizes technology such as Maersk Flow, a digital platform for improving visibility and control over the supply chain, which can be particularly beneficial for managing the complexities of the cold chain.

5. Where can I find more information about Maersk's cold chain logistics solutions?

Answer: You can find detailed information about Maersk's cold chain logistics and other logistics solutions by visiting their support page or by consulting their FAQ topics related to Logistics Solutions on their website.

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