McDonald’s revenue climbs 14% as price hikes boost U.S. sales

McDonald’s revenue climbs 14% as price hikes boost U.S. sales

McDonald's reports better-than-expected earnings and revenue for Q3, with price increases offsetting a decline in traffic to US restaurants. The company's strategic pricing and marketing campaigns, as well as digital and delivery orders, contributed to sales growth, while remaining competitive in terms of affordability and value. Despite a slight decrease in menu prices for Q3, McDonald's expects pricing to rise by around 10% in 2023. Global same-store sales grew 8.8%, surpassing estimates, while US same-store sales increased 8.1%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the revenue growth for McDonald's?

McDonald's revenue climbed 14%. source

2. What contributed to the boost in U.S. sales for McDonald's?

Strategic price increases fueled the 8.1% increase in U.S. same-store sales for McDonald's. source

3. How did McDonald's stock perform after the earnings report?

McDonald's stock rose after the earnings report. source

4. What were McDonald's adjusted earnings per share?

McDonald's reported adjusted earnings of $3.19 per share. source

5. Did McDonald's revenue meet expectations in the second quarter?

No, McDonald's revenue fell short of expectations in the second quarter. source

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