Multinationals View India As Alternative Manufacturing Base: UN

Multinationals View India As Alternative Manufacturing Base: UN

India is a strong recipient of foreign investments as multinationals see it as an alternative manufacturing base, according to the United Nations. The Financing for Sustainable Development 2024 Report highlights India's growing interest from multinationals for supply chain diversification. The report emphasizes the sustainable development crisis in the developing world and the need for urgent reforms in global financial institutions.

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FAQs: Multinationals View India As Alternative Manufacturing Base

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are multinationals looking at India as an alternative manufacturing base according to the UN report?

- Multinationals are considering India as an alternative manufacturing base due to the evolving global economic landscape and the search for secure and resilient supply chains. India provides a large market, a growing skilled workforce, and proactive government policies which make it an attractive option for multinational companies seeking diversification away from traditional manufacturing hubs.

2. What are some benefits that India offers to multinational companies as a manufacturing base?

- Some of the key advantages that India offers include a large and growing domestic market, competitive labor costs, a relatively well-educated workforce, a robust legal system, and a stable political environment. In addition, the government of India has been implementing reforms to improve ease of doing business and establishing industrial corridors and special economic zones.

3. What is the estimated development financing gap mentioned in the report?

- The development financing gap mentioned in the report is estimated at $4.2 trillion. Urgent steps are needed to mobilize financing at scale to close this gap, according to the report on

4. Are there any reports or analyses on the business ambitions of companies in India with respect to climate goals?

- Yes, for details about how companies in India and globally are aligning with climate-related goals, you can refer to the "Business Ambition for 1.5°C Final Report" which is an analysis of the campaign from March 7, 2024. The report is accessible via the Science Based Targets initiative at

5. How is the Indian government promoting India as a manufacturing destination?

- The Indian government promotes India as a manufacturing destination through initiatives like "Make in India," as well as by implementing reforms to improve the business environment, such as facilitating easier access to capital, providing tax benefits, creating special economic zones, and enhancing infrastructure development.

6. What are some of the initiatives taken by India to address climate change while promoting manufacturing?

- India is actively promoting sustainability in manufacturing processes, which is evident by encouraging the adoption of renewable energy, setting up regulatory frameworks for emissions reduction, pushing for sustainable practices among industries, and companies setting science-based targets to reduce their carbon footprint.

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