Navigating FMCG supply chain disruptions in India: Lessons learned and future strategies

Navigating FMCG supply chain disruptions in India: Lessons learned and future strategies

The BPC sector in India has evolved to address supply chain disruptions with agility, digital transformation, and risk management. Companies must prioritize technology adoption, data-driven decision-making, sustainability, collaborative networks, and continuous skill development for future success. Embracing these strategies will be crucial for navigating challenges in the evolving market environment.

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FAQ: Navigating FMCG Supply Chain Disruptions in India – Lessons Learned and Future Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What were the key lessons learned from the recent FMCG supply chain disruptions in India?

Answer: The key lessons learned included the importance of digitization, factory automation, and the need for agile supply chain strategies. Companies discovered that adapting quickly to changes and employing data-driven decision-making are vital for resilience.

2. How are companies like P&G responding to the supply chain disruptions?

Answer: P&G is planning to recast their operations to become more agile and speed up process changes. This likely involves investing in digital infrastructure and automation to reduce future disruptions.

3. What future strategies are FMCG companies in India considering to mitigate supply chain disruptions?

Answer: FMCG companies in India are looking ahead to strategies that prioritize technology adoption, data-driven decision-making, and sustainability.

4. How has the recent supply chain disruption impacted the FMCG sector's approach to digitization and automation?

Answer: The supply chain disruption has accelerated the FMCG sector's adoption of digitization and factory automation.

Answer: While specific consumer behavior trends related to FMCG purchasing in India are not detailed in the search results.

6. What is the outlook for the FMCG supply chain in 2023?

Answer: According to Deloitte's 2023 retail industry outlook, seven in ten executives surveyed predict that supply chain disruption will impact retailers' growth during the year.

7. How are Indian FMCG companies leveraging data to navigate supply chain disruptions?

Answer: Indian FMCG companies are increasingly leveraging data to make informed decisions that improve supply chain resilience.

8. Is sustainability a focus for future FMCG supply chain strategies in India?

Answer: Yes, sustainability is becoming a priority in the context of future supply chain strategies in India.

9. Who is Avinash Dhagat and what is his role in addressing FMCG supply chain challenges?

Answer: Avinash Dhagat is the SVP supply chain at Honasa Consumer Limited. He contributes insights on navigating FMCG supply chain disruptions in India.

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