Need of day is to disperse production, build resilient supply chains: Jaishankar at Indian Ocean Conferen

Need of day is to disperse production, build resilient supply chains: Jaishankar at Indian Ocean Conferen

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What was the main message of Dr. S. Jaishankar at the 7th Indian Ocean Conference?

Dr. S Jaishankar emphasized the importance of dispersing production across various geographies and the need for Indian Ocean states to collaborate in building reliable and resilient supply chains. His address highlighted the necessity of choosing between collective self-reliance and deepening dependencies.

2. Why does Jaishankar stress on building resilient supply chains?

Jaishankar stresses building resilient supply chains to mitigate disruptions, like those recently experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to ensure a steady flow of trade and commerce that can withstand global challenges.

3. What does 'dispersing production' mean?

'Dispersing production' means spreading manufacturing and production processes across different geographical locations. This strategy can reduce vulnerability to local or regional disruptions, balance economic development, and enhance global trade security.

4. How can Indian Ocean States enhance digital trust according to Jaishankar?

Although the specific strategies to enhance digital trust were not detailed in the given links, Jaishankar's mention of enhancing digital trust implies that Indian Ocean States should work together to develop secure digital infrastructure and policies to ensure safe and reliable digital transactions and communication.

5. Is there a collaboration between India and other countries on supply chain resilience?

Yes, India is actively seeking collaboration with other countries, such as Australia, to work on trusted and resilient supply chains. This cooperation includes broader regional engagement, as with the Indo-Pacific Oration and trilateral arrangements that include Australia, India, and Indonesia, among others.

6. Has India taken steps towards building resilient supply chains?

Yes, India has launched initiatives such as the "Made in India" campaign and production-linked incentives to boost domestic manufacturing, which can contribute to a more robust and resilient supply chain network.

7. What role do trusted defense supply chains play in U.S.-India relations?

The fourth annual U.S.-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue highlighted the importance of trusted and resilient defense supply chains in the bilateral relationship. Both countries are seeking to integrate Indian vendors into each other's defense supply chains, acknowledging the significance of trusted suppliers to national and regional security.

8. How does the recent global scenario impact the need for resilient supply chains?

The Covid-19 pandemic, among other global challenges, has exposed the vulnerabilities in global supply chains. It has accentuated the need for supply chains that can withstand such disruptions and continue to facilitate the flow of goods and services internationally.

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