'Need to add security layer for supply chains': EAM Jaishankar

'Need to add security layer for supply chains': EAM Jaishankar

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FAQ: 'Need to add security layer for supply chains': EAM Jaishankar

FAQ: 'Need to add security layer for supply chains': EAM Jaishankar

1. Who emphasized the need to add a security layer to supply chains?

Dr. S. Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister of India, has emphasized the importance of adding security layers to supply chains. (Source: Times of India)

2. Why is there a need to add security layers to supply chains according to EAM Jaishankar?

While the exact reasons were not detailed in the snippet provided, typically such a call for added security can be in response to global trade vulnerabilities, geopolitical competition, and to safeguard against disruptions as illustrated by events like the Russia-Ukraine war. (Sources: Times of India, Economic Times, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

3. What narrative did EAM Jaishankar reference regarding other countries at the ET Awards 2023?

EAM Jaishankar referred to the "vote bank" narrative in relation to other countries, though the specific context of this statement is not provided in the snippet. (Source: The Economic Times)

4. What was the context of Jaishankar's remarks?

EAM Jaishankar's remarks were made during a prestigious event — presumably, the ET Awards 2023 ceremony as per the provided snippet. They are likely part of a broader conversation on bolstering domestic supply networks and international cooperation. (Source: The Economic Times)

5. How does India plan to participate more intensively in global value chains according to Jaishankar?

While the detailed plan was not specified in the snippet, initiatives such as 'Make in India', 'Make for the World', and Production Linked Incentives (PLIs) have been mentioned as efforts to deepen India's integration into global value chains. (Source: Ministry of External Affairs India)

6. How has the Russia-Ukraine war impacted global supply chains?

The war has led to significant disruptions, including loss of lives and livelihoods, infrastructure damage, and insecurities related to food and energy, which have had widespread effects on global supply chains. (Sources: ISDP, The New York Times)

For more detailed information regarding EAM Jaishankar's comments on the need for added security in supply chains, please refer to the original articles from The Times of India and The Economic Times.