New Index from ASCM and KPMG Finds Supply Chain Stability Improving Despite Ongoing Challenges

New Index from ASCM and KPMG Finds Supply Chain Stability Improving Despite Ongoing Challenges

The KPMG Supply Chain Stability Index, in partnership with ASCM, reveals improvements in 2023 but suggests a complete return to pre-pandemic normalcy is unlikely in 2024. Challenges like cross-border closures and conflicts remain. Positive signs include nearshoring efforts in Mexico and Canada. Supply chain professionals are credited for the progress and urged to focus on talent development and resilience. Geopolitical factors and technology advancements are key areas to monitor.

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FAQ - ASCM and KPMG Supply Chain Index

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the new index from ASCM and KPMG?

A: The new index from ASCM (The Association for Supply Chain Management) and KPMG is a metric that provides insights into the status of supply chain stability. It aims to give companies a better understanding of how to create sustainable and agile supply chain management.

Q: What does the index indicate about supply chain stability?

A: According to recent reports, the index has found that supply chain stability is improving despite ongoing challenges faced by the industry.

Q: Why is this index important for supply chain management?

A: This index is important for supply chain management as it offers valuable insights into the health and resilience of supply chains. It helps organizations to identify areas of improvement and to adapt their strategies to ensure sustainability and agility in their supply chain operations.

Q: Who created the new supply chain index?

A: The new supply chain index was created by ASCM in collaboration with KPMG, leveraging their expertise to assess supply chain conditions.

Q: Has the new index been reported by major news outlets?

A: Yes, the creation and findings of the new index have been reported by major news outlets, including Business Wire.

Q: What challenges are still present in supply chain stability?

A: While the report doesn't detail specific challenges, it implies that there are still ongoing issues that supply chains need to contend with, even as stability appears to be improving.

Q: Where can I find more information about the index?

A: More detailed information about the index can likely be found on the websites of ASCM or KPMG, as well as in the full Business Wire article referenced in the provided search results. Unfortunately, the specific contents of the article cannot be accessed through the information provided here.

Note: For the most accurate and current information, please refer to the full Business Wire article or the official ASCM and KPMG publications regarding the index.