North America's First Sustainable Lithium Battery Supply Chain

North America's First Sustainable Lithium Battery Supply Chain

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy have announced a strategic supply agreement to create North America's first sustainable circular supply chain for essential battery minerals. Aqua Metals will provide recycled battery materials to 6K Energy for cathode production. The partnership aims to enhance battery manufacturing capabilities, comply with domestic content incentives, and reduce carbon emissions. The initiative promises economic and environmental benefits, positioning the U.S. as a leader in sustainable battery production.

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FAQ - North America's First Sustainable Lithium Battery Supply Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is North America's new initiative in battery manufacturing?

A: The Biden-Harris Administration has launched the "American Battery Materials Initiative" to strengthen critical mineral supply chains as part of their efforts in driving U.S. battery manufacturing. (Source:

Q: How much crude oil does Enbridge move, and what is its relevance to the battery supply chain?

A: Enbridge moves about 30% of crude oil produced in North America. This fact underscores the importance of transitioning to sustainable energy sources, such as lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. (Source:

Q: What recent investments has the Biden-Harris Administration announced for electric vehicles (EVs)?

A: On April 17, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration announced new private and public sector investments for affordable electric vehicles as part of the Investing in America Agenda, aiming to boost manufacturing and a clean energy boom. (Source:

Q: What is the role of Li-Cycle in North America's battery resource recovery?

A: Li-Cycle is North America's largest lithium-ion battery recycler, and with a potential loan from the Department of Energy, it aims to further expand its sustainable pure-play battery recycling. (Source:

Q: Who is at the forefront of the sustainable lithium-ion battery supply chain ranking?

A: Canada has emerged on top of the global lithium-ion battery supply chain ranking, making North America's supply chain more sustainable. (Source:

Q: How is Caterpillar collaborating towards sustainable battery production?

A: Caterpillar is collaborating with Albemarle to produce North American lithium for use in their battery production, contributing to the sustainability of the nation's battery supply chain. (Source:

Q: What is Gotion's role in strengthening the American EV battery supply chain?

A: Gotion plans to invest in a new $2 billion electric vehicle battery plant in Illinois, producing lithium-ion battery packs and cells to bolster the American EV battery supply chain. (Source:

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