Nvidia CEO: U.S. chipmakers at least a decade away from China supply chain independence

Nvidia CEO: U.S. chipmakers at least a decade away from China supply chain independence

U.S. chipmakers, including Nvidia, are at least a decade away from achieving "supply chain independence" from China, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Huang stated that while efforts to delink China from the U.S. chip supply should be pursued, total independence is not feasible for another 10-20 years. Nvidia has been affected by tighter export controls, limiting its ability to send high-powered GPUs to China. Huang acknowledged that China can still obtain technology through other means or cultivate domestic chipmakers. The Biden administration aims to restrict China's access to financial and intellectual resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who stated that U.S. chipmakers are at least a decade away from supply chain independence from China?

A: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made the statement regarding the timeline for U.S. chipmakers' independence from China's supply chain.

Q: Where did Nvidia's CEO discuss the supply chain independence issue?

A: Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang discussed the issue during an interview with CNBC. The specific segment or show on CNBC where this interview took place is not specified in the given search results.

Q: What does the Nvidia CEO predict about the competitiveness of AI with humans in the next few years?

A: Nvidia's CEO predicted that AI will be "fairly competitive" with humans within 5 years. This comment was likely part of a broader discussion on AI capabilities and advancements.

Q: Can the information about Nvidia CEO's remarks be found in video format?

A: Yes, the information and interviews with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang can be found in video format on CNBC's video platforms, including their official YouTube channel.

Q: How soon is total independence of the supply chain from China expected, according to Nvidia's CEO?

A: According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, "Total independence of supply chain is not a real practical thing for a decade or two."

Q: Is the content discussing U.S. chipmakers and supply chain independence from China widely reported?

A: Yes, the subject has been reported by CNBC across several platforms, including their video footage, television segments, and social media updates on Twitter.

A: While the specific search results focus on Nvidia's CEO statements, CNBC's platforms, such as Squawk on the Street and their video news clips, often feature interviews with various CEOs discussing similar topics. For example, there is a mention of a full interview with Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi, but it's unclear if it is related to the supply chain discussion.

For more detailed information and additional context, you can watch the full interview with Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang on CNBC's various platforms or follow their latest updates on technology and CEO interviews.