One to Watch: Nowports LatAm's goto Freight Forwarder

One to Watch: Nowports  LatAm's goto Freight Forwarder

Nowports, the largest Latin American digital freight forwarder, aims to provide comprehensive supply chain services for medium and large enterprises connected to Latin America. With the rise of nearshoring, U.S. companies are moving their manufacturing from Asia and other distant regions to Latin American countries, particularly Mexico. Nowports helps facilitate nearshoring by improving crossings and providing financing options. In the coming years, the logistics industry will see increased investments in inland shipments, AI applications for smarter routes and communication, and a shift towards more sustainable practices.

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FAQs: One to Watch: Nowports - LatAm's go-to Freight Forwarder

Q1: What is Nowports?

A1: Nowports is Latin America's largest digital freight forwarder, specializing in streamlining supply chains in emerging markets with automation and digital solutions. It is recognized for shipping ocean containers to and from Latin America, transforming logistics through technological innovation. Supply Chain Digital

Q2: Who is Álvaro Villar López in relation to Nowports?

A2: Álvaro Villar López is the Regional Managing Director for North America & Mexico at Nowports. He has spoken about the firm's growth and its impact on the freight forwarding landscape in Latin America. Supply Chain Digital

Q3: How has Nowports impacted the supply chain in Latin America?

A3: Nowports has revolutionized supply chains with automation and digital solutions, reducing the incidence of lost or delayed containers, and addressing logistics challenges such as nearshoring and border bottlenecks, particularly between the US and Mexico. Supply Chain Digital

Q4: Why is Nowports considered a "unicorn"?

A4: Nowports has achieved "unicorn" status by reaching a valuation of over $1 billion. This is in recognition of its innovative solutions and substantial growth in the digital freight forwarding market in Latin America. The Loadstar

Q5: What additional services does Nowports provide?

A5: Beyond freight forwarding, Nowports also offers customs brokerage, cargo insurance, and full supply chain management services to accommodate the diverse needs of clients in the logistics sector. Latin America Reports

Q6: How has Nowports been funded, and what was its latest valuation?

A6: Nowports has gone through various funding rounds, including a $16 million round mentioned in the Journal of Commerce article. As of May 2022, it secured $150 million, reaching a valuation of $1.1 billion, highlighting its rapid growth and investor confidence in its business model. TechCrunch