Our supply chain

Our supply chain

AECOM, an infrastructure firm, emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion in its vision. The company believes that infrastructure can create opportunities for everyone and aims to build a better world by opening doors and creating opportunity. Their technical experts utilize technology to deliver transformative outcomes. AECOM also prioritizes protecting and enhancing natural and social systems. In terms of supply chain management and procurement, AECOM values collaboration and works with diverse suppliers who meet their rigorous quality standards and sustainability commitments.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Our Supply Chain - AECOM

1. How does AECOM prioritize supply chain management?

AECOM prioritizes supply chain management to ensure efficient project execution and client satisfaction.

Source: AECOM - Investor Relations

2. How does AECOM champion innovation in the water industry through its supply chain?

AECOM champions innovation in the water industry through collaboration with water companies and their supply chains.

Source: AECOM - Without Limits

3. What changes has AECOM made to procure more sustainably in its supply chain?

AECOM has made five simple changes to procure more sustainably in its supply chain.

Source: AECOM - Without Limits

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