Packed supply chain event as businesses explore MarramWind ...

Packed supply chain event as businesses explore MarramWind ...

Around 80 representatives from supply chain businesses in the north-east attended an event in Peterhead to learn about the opportunities associated with the proposed MarramWind floating offshore windfarm. MarramWind, a joint venture between ScottishPower Renewables and Shell UK, could be one of the world's first large-scale floating offshore windfarms and deliver up to 3GW of clean renewable energy. A £25 million Supply Chain Stimulus Fund will support investment in Scottish infrastructure and facilities for offshore wind, as well as innovation and upskilling within the sector.

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FAQ: What was the focus of the OGV Energy supply chain event?

Answer: The supply chain event organized by OGV Energy focused on businesses exploring opportunities associated with the MarramWind project.

FAQ: What is the MarramWind project?

Answer: The MarramWind project is an initiative aimed at generating clean renewable energy. It has the potential to deliver up to 3GW of green electricity, which is sufficient to power more than 3.5 million homes.

FAQ: How many representatives attended the supply chain event for MarramWind?

Answer: Around 80 representatives from supply chain businesses across the north-east attended the event to explore MarramWind opportunities.

FAQ: What kind of opportunities does the MarramWind project offer for businesses?

Answer: While the search results do not provide specific details, such events typically offer supply chain businesses opportunities in procurement, partnership, engineering services, construction, and operational support linked to the development and maintenance of renewable energy projects like MarramWind.

FAQ: How does MarramWind contribute to the renewable energy industry?

Answer: MarramWind contributes to the renewable energy industry by providing a significant amount of clean energy, which helps in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and supports the global action towards sustainable energy solutions.

FAQ: Are there any more events planned for businesses interested in MarramWind?

Answer: The provided search results do not mention future events. Interested parties may need to stay updated via OGV Energy's news platform or directly contact them for information on upcoming events.

FAQ: Where can I access more information about the MarramWind supply chain event?

Answer: More information about the MarramWind supply chain event can be accessed through this link provided by OGV Energy:

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