Pemex Refinery Under Review, EU Supply Chain Checks Advocated, US Wealth Gap Widens

Pemex Refinery Under Review, EU Supply Chain Checks Advocated, US Wealth Gap Widens

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation will investigate emissions from Mexico's Pemex Cadereyta refinery. The refinery is responsible for 90% of sulfur dioxide emissions in the area, raising concerns about air quality. Viral images of smoke from the refinery have increased pressure on Pemex to clean up its operations. In the EU, investor groups are pushing for environmental and human rights checks in supply chains, with potential fines for non-compliance. In the US, the wealth gap between white households and Black and Hispanic families has widened since 2019, according to a New York Federal Reserve study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Pemex refinery under review?

- The available information does not provide a specific reason for the Pemex refinery being under review. However, reviews are typically conducted for reasons such as environmental concerns, operational safety, and regulatory compliance. For precise details, one would need more context or access to full articles or official statements.

2. What are the proposed EU supply chain checks?

- Investor groups have urged EU states to approve a new law that would require large companies to check their supply chains for damage to human rights, the environment, and governance. This is aimed at ensuring that the companies' operations do not cause harm and are sustainable in their practices.

3. How is the US wealth gap widening, and what are the implications?

- The search results do not provide specific details on how the US wealth gap is widening. Generally, the term "widening wealth gap" refers to increasing economic inequality between the rich and the poor. It could have significant social and economic implications, such as reduced social mobility and increased political and financial instability.

4. What actions do investor groups want the EU to take on supply chain laws?

- Investor groups want EU states to back a deal on a new law that imposes greater responsibility on large companies to assess and mitigate the impact of their supply chains on human rights and the environment.

5. Are there any specific incidents prompting these reviews and proposed checks?

- The information provided does not reference any specific incidents that prompted these actions. Reviews and updates to laws can be routine or a response to broader concerns such as environmental sustainability and ethical business practices.

For more detailed information on these topics, a direct examination of the articles from the provided links or an inquiry with the relevant organizations would be necessary.