Pharma sector needs to thwart packaging & distribution losses in supply chain: JB Chowhan

Pharma sector needs to thwart packaging & distribution losses in supply chain: JB Chowhan

The pharma sector in India is facing challenges in packaging, distribution, and ensuring product integrity due to gaps in the supply infrastructure. To address these issues, VHS Logitech developed Coolgix, a blockchain-based anti-counterfeit technology that enables real-time visibility and traceability in the supply chain. This innovation aims to mitigate cold chain losses and ensure end-to-end traceability with global compliance standards.

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FAQs on Pharma Sector Packaging & Distribution Losses

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it important for the pharma sector to prevent packaging and distribution losses?

Answer: Preventing losses in packaging and distribution is crucial for the pharma sector as it ensures the efficient use of resources, reduces costs, minimizes waste, and maintains the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products until they reach the end consumer. Effective supply chain management also helps in ensuring the availability of medications in a timely manner, which is crucial for patient health outcomes.

2. What are some common causes of losses in pharmaceutical packaging and distribution?

Answer: Common causes include damage during transportation, temperature excursions leading to degradation of products, logistical errors, inefficient inventory management, theft, and counterfeiting. Poorly designed packaging can also contribute to losses by not sufficiently protecting the product or leading to excess waste.

3. How can the pharma sector improve its packaging to minimize losses?

Answer: The pharma sector can improve packaging by investing in more durable materials, implementing tamper-evident features, using packaging that is appropriate for the specific transportation and storage conditions (e.g., temperature-controlled packaging for cold-chain products), and employing smart packaging technologies that enhance traceability and monitoring.

4. What strategies can be implemented to optimize distribution in the pharma supply chain?

Answer: Optimizing distribution may include adopting more efficient inventory management systems, streamlining distribution routes, leveraging data analytics to predict demand more accurately, utilizing just-in-time delivery to reduce storage time, and establishing strong partnerships with logistics providers who have expertise in handling pharmaceutical products.

5. How is technology being utilized to reduce losses in the pharma supply chain?

Answer: Technology plays a key role in reducing losses through the use of supply chain management software, IoT devices for tracking and monitoring shipments in real-time, blockchain for enhanced traceability and security, and artificial intelligence to improve demand forecasting and decision-making processes.

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