Pharmarack selects Informatica for healthcare supply chain digitalisation

Pharmarack selects Informatica for healthcare supply chain digitalisation

Informatica partners with Pharmarack to digitize India's pharmaceutical ecosystem, leveraging cloud data management to standardize and improve data quality for over 300,000 product listings. This initiative aims to benefit over a million chemists and stockists, ensuring the availability of quality medicines and reducing issues with spurious and expired drugs. The collaboration strengthens the healthcare network in India, empowering small and medium-sized businesses.

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FAQs - Pharmarack selects Informatica for healthcare supply chain digitalisation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has Pharmarack selected Informatica for?

Pharmarack has selected Informatica for the digitalisation of its healthcare supply chain.

2. How is Informatica expected to impact Pharmarack's operations?

Informatica's AI-powered data management cloud platform is likely to revolutionize Pharmarack's healthcare network in India by enhancing the digital supply chain.

3. What is the objective behind Pharmarack's digitalisation initiative with Informatica?

The objective behind Pharmarack's initiative is to leverage Informatica's technology to optimize efficiency and data management within the healthcare supply chain.

4. Where can I find more information about Pharmarack's partnership with Informatica?

You can find more information on websites like TechCircle and BusinessWire.

5. Has the collaboration between Pharmarack and Informatica been successful?

While specific success metrics are not provided, the initiative intends to bring substantial improvements to India's healthcare supply chain network through digitalisation.

6. Does the increase in digitalisation in healthcare affect employee salaries?

While not directly related to Pharmarack’s initiatives, employees with knowledge of electronic medical records (EMR) technology seem to command higher average salaries in the healthcare industry, according to data from 6figr.

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