Pitney Bowes taps new Ambi Robotics system for middlemile sortation

Pitney Bowes taps new Ambi Robotics system for middlemile sortation

Pitney Bowes and Ambi Robotics are expanding their partnership with a $23 million plan to install last-mile sortation systems at various hubs across the US. The new Ambi Robotics system uses robotic arms to sort parcels, greatly increasing the speed and accuracy of the process. The system can be customized to fit specific needs and can handle different use cases, such as interfacility sortation and reverse logistics. The service may be appealing to small- and medium-sized businesses due to its straightforward fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the partnership between Pitney Bowes and Ambi Robotics?

A: The partnership between Pitney Bowes and Ambi Robotics involves the deployment of Ambi Robotics' parcel sortation system to automate middle-mile sorting. Through this partnership, Pitney Bowes aims to boost sorting speeds at its e-commerce hubs. Source

Q: What is the purpose of the AmbiSort system?

A: The AmbiSort system developed by Ambi Robotics is used for parcel induction and sortation. It is designed to increase sorting speeds for middle-mile supply chain operations at Pitney Bowes' e-commerce hubs. Source

Q: How does the AmbiSort system benefit Pitney Bowes?

A: The AmbiSort system allows Pitney Bowes to automate middle-mile sorting, resulting in increased sorting speeds and efficiency at their e-commerce hubs. The system helps to address the sorting needs of Pitney Bowes and can be scaled quickly across their operations. Source

Q: What type of robotic sorting system is being deployed by Pitney Bowes?

A: Pitney Bowes is deploying the AmbiSort A-Series and B-Series parcel sortation systems developed by Ambi Robotics. These systems utilize AI-powered robotics to speed up parcel sortation in the middle-mile supply chain. Source