Premier: S'wak eyes Muslim supply chain as global halal segment to ...

Premier: S'wak eyes Muslim supply chain as global halal segment to ...

Sarawak aims to be part of the global Muslim supply chain, as the demand for halal goods and services is projected to increase. Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg highlighted that global spending on halal products is expected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025. He emphasized the importance of technology in advancing the Muslim world and urged leaders to explore its uses for sustainability. The Global Muslim Business Forum was described as a platform to foster partnerships and shape a prosperous future through innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is driving the growth of the global halal market?

The global halal market's growth is largely driven by increasing demand from both the Muslim and non-Muslim populations. Factors contributing to this demand include the perception of halal as a sign of quality, the expanding Muslim demographic, and ethical consumerism that aligns with the principles of halal.

How is the global food sector responding to the increase in demand for halal products?

The global food sector is expanding the halal segment across the entire food supply chain, responding to the increase in demand with a wider range of halal food items and ensuring that supply meets the ethical and dietary standards required by halal consumers.

Are there perceptions of halal as a sign of quality outside the Muslim community?

Yes, there is a growing perception among non-Muslim consumers that halal-certified products are of a higher quality. This perception has been observed in various markets, including the meat market in St. Petersburg, Russia, where halal is increasingly seen as an indicator of quality.

The halal meat and meat product market is expanding, with an increase in the availability of halal-certified products across a range of food items. Global trends indicate a larger presence of halal products with diverse options to cater to consumer needs.

How significant is the Muslim consumer market for the halal industry?

The Muslim consumer market is crucial for the halal industry, with a large and growing population that adheres to halal dietary guidelines. This demographic is a key driver in the expansion and diversification of the halal market.

What role does the non-Muslim population play in the halal market?

The non-Muslim population plays a significant role in the halal market as they become more aware and accepting of halal as a marker of quality and ethical consumption. This broadens the consumer base and increases demand for halal products beyond the Muslim population.

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