Protecting America's Most Critical Assets Fortress Information Security: THE Critical Supply Chain Cybersecurity ...

Protecting America's Most Critical Assets  Fortress Information Security: THE Critical Supply Chain Cybersecurity ...

FBI Director Christopher Wray warns that threat actors are targeting America's critical infrastructure. Fortress Information Security, a cybersecurity company, unveils a new logo and a renewed commitment to protecting the nation's infrastructure against cyber threats. They emphasize collaboration, comprehensive solutions, and decisive action as the pillars of their brand. Fortress aims to secure the interconnected elements of critical infrastructure and public sectors. NAESAD, the North American Energy Software Assurance Database, is also mentioned as a collaborative initiative to enhance cyber supply chain security.

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FAQ - Fortress Information Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting America's Most Critical Assets - Fortress Information Security

1. What does Fortress Information Security specialize in?

Fortress Information Security specializes in cyber supply chain security, particularly for organizations across government and the energy & utilities sectors. The company focuses on defending these organizations from threats posed by nation-states.

2. What are critical supply chains, and why do they need protection?

Critical supply chains are the interconnected systems and processes that are essential to the operations of important sectors such as government, energy, and utilities. These supply chains need protection because they are often targets for cyberattacks, which could compromise the security and functionality of vital assets and services.

3. Has Fortress Information Security received any significant funding or investment recently?

Yes, on April 19, 2022, Fortress Information Security received a strategic investment of $125 million from Goldman Sachs to help the company grow and enhance its supply chain cybersecurity solutions.

4. What are Fortress Information Security's main cybersecurity solutions?

Fortress Information Security provides cyber risk management software and services that help defend organizations from cyber threats to their supply chains. The company offers a combination of security solutions that safeguard critical data and manage supply chain cyber risk.

5. Has Fortress Information Security partnered with any other companies to enhance cybersecurity?

Yes, Fortress Information Security has collaborated with NetRise to secure software supply chains for critical industries. This collaboration aims to further enhance cybersecurity solutions and secure companies' critical data from various threats.

6. When was Fortress Information Security founded, and what is their industry presence?

Fortress Information Security was founded in 2015 and has established itself as a leading provider of supply chain cybersecurity for critical industries. As of May 19, 2022, the company has over 26,000 followers on LinkedIn, indicating a significant presence in the industry.

For further information on Fortress Information Security and their role in protecting America's most critical assets, you can explore the resources on their official website at Fortress Information Security.