Samcon winners at Sisk Supply Chain Awards

Samcon winners at Sisk Supply Chain Awards

Offaly-based company Samcon won the 'Supply Chain Partner of the Year - Fit Out Projects' category at the Sisk Supply Chain Awards 2023 in Dublin. The event brought together 900 people, including supply chain partners, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Sisk conducted research that showed an increase in sustainability awareness and engagement in the construction industry. Over 60% of Sisk's supply chain is aware of its 2030 Sustainability Roadmap. Sisk has submitted its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets to the Science Based Targets initiative and has been classified as in line with a 1.5°C trajectory.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Samcon winners at Sisk Supply Chain Awards - Offaly Independent

1. What did Samcon win?

- Answer: Samcon won at the Sisk Supply Chain Awards 2023.

2. Where was the Sisk Supply Chain Awards event held?

- Answer: The event was held at the Convention Centre Dublin.

3. When was the award event reported by Offaly Independent?

- Answer: It was reported 5 hours ago from the time the corresponding article was published.

4. Does the Offaly Independent frequently cover Samcon?

- Answer: Yes, there is a pattern of Samcon being mentioned across various articles, indicating regular coverage.

5. Is the Offaly Independent part of a larger media group?

- Answer: Yes, Offaly Independent is part of the Celtic Media Group which includes other publications such as The Anglo Celt.

6. Can I read more about the Sisk Supply Chain Awards win on the Offaly Independent website?

- Answer: Yes, you can read more about it on their website, though the specific link to the detailed coverage of the event is not provided here.

7. What is Samcon's business?

- Answer: The search results do not provide detailed information about Samcon's business; however, given the nature of the award, it likely involves supply chain operations.

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