SecurityScorecard Achieves FedRAMP® Ready Designation to ...

SecurityScorecard Achieves FedRAMP® Ready Designation to ...

SecurityScorecard has achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Ready designation, allowing it to provide its Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Platform to U.S. federal agencies. The platform uses a standardized letter-grade system to measure the cybersecurity of the government's suppliers and vendors. The company's partnership with the Transportation Security Administration sets a blueprint for other federal agencies overseeing critical infrastructure. FedRAMP authorization is a gold standard for cybersecurity globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the FedRAMP® Ready Designation achieved by SecurityScorecard?

A: SecurityScorecard has achieved the FedRAMP® Ready Designation, which enables U.S. federal agencies with supply chain risk management. Source: Bloomberg

Q: What is the FedRAMP Marketplace?

A: The FedRAMP Marketplace is a searchable and sortable database of CSOs (Cloud Service Offerings) that have achieved a FedRAMP designation. It provides a list of federal agencies that have met the FedRAMP requirements. Source: FedRAMP Marketplace

Q: How does SecurityScorecard support the public sector and government cybersecurity?

A: SecurityScorecard provides support for the public sector and government cybersecurity, including immediate assistance for cyber attacks and compliance reports. They also offer solutions powered by sophisticated cyber intelligence. Source: SecurityScorecard

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