Selfreliant India aimed at becoming part of global supply chains: I&B Secretary Jaju

Selfreliant India aimed at becoming part of global supply chains: I&B Secretary Jaju

Union Information and Broadcasting Secretary Sanjay Jaju stated that India's Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative aims to be part of the global supply chain without protectionism. The focus is on diversifying the economy while achieving self-reliance within the globalised world. Jaju emphasized the importance of export competitiveness, strategic partnerships, design leadership, and integration into global supply chains for a self-reliant India.

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FAQs - Self-reliant India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Self-reliant India

FAQ 1: What is the aim of 'Self-reliant India' according to I&B Secretary Jaju?

Answer: According to I&B Secretary Jaju, the aim of 'Self-reliant India' (Atmanirbhar Bharat) is for India to achieve self-sufficiency and become an integral part of global supply chains. (Source: ThePrint)

FAQ 2: Where did I&B Secretary Jaju discuss the Self-reliant India initiative?

Answer: I&B Secretary Jaju addressed the FICCI Viksit Bharat conclave in the national capital, discussing the Self-reliant India initiative. (Source: ThePrint)

FAQ 3: What does Atmanirbhar Bharat mean?

Answer: Atmanirbhar Bharat translates to 'Self-reliant India' and represents India's ambition to achieve self-sufficiency and to actively participate in global supply chains. (Source: ThePrint)

FAQ 4: Who is the current I&B Secretary discussing self-reliance in India?

Answer: The current I&B Secretary who has been vocal about India's push for self-reliance and participating in global supply chains is Sanjay Jaju. (Source: Exchange4Media)

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