Soaring congenital syphilis rates in US risk lives of thousands of babies

Health advocates are urging the Biden administration to declare a public health emergency due to a steep rise in congenital syphilis cases. The infection, which can have devastating effects on children, has quintupled in the past decade. The preferred medication for treating syphilis, called Bicillin L-A, is currently in short supply, with Pfizer, the sole manufacturer, not expecting shortages to be resolved until 2024. Public health leaders are directing the medication primarily to pregnant patients, leaving others to rely on less effective alternatives. The shortage is expected to disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are congenital syphilis rates in the US?

According to The Guardian's article, the United States is currently experiencing a significant increase in congenital syphilis rates.

2. How does congenital syphilis occur?

Congenital syphilis occurs when a pregnant woman with syphilis passes the infection to her baby during pregnancy or childbirth.

3. What are the risks posed by the rising rates of congenital syphilis?

The increasing rates of congenital syphilis pose a risk to the lives of thousands of babies. Untreated syphilis in infants can lead to serious health problems such as stillbirth, prematurity, or lifelong physical and developmental issues.

4. What factors contribute to the rising rates of congenital syphilis?

The article highlights several factors contributing to the rising rates of congenital syphilis, including inadequate prenatal care, lack of access to healthcare, and a decrease in public health funding.

5. Where can I read the full article?

To read the full article and get more information, you can visit The Guardian's website by clicking on the following link: The Guardian - Soaring congenital syphilis rates in US risk lives of thousands of babies.

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