Supply chain management

Supply chain management

A major company in the tobacco industry emphasizes sustainability in its supply chain management. With a focus on both tobacco leaf agricultural and non-agricultural materials, the company works with suppliers to improve environmental and social practices. They have identified hundreds of significant suppliers and support farmers in capacity building programs to address issues like child labor. The company sets strict requirements for their leaf suppliers, including participation in the Sustainable Tobacco Programme and compliance with organic tobacco production standards.

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FAQ - Supply Chain Management at British American Tobacco (BAT)

Frequently Asked Questions - Supply Chain Management at British American Tobacco (BAT)

1. What requirements does BAT have for their leaf suppliers?

BAT requires all leaf suppliers to submit a risk assessment to help identify the type and level of agrochemicals used to ensure there is no misuse or overuse of agrochemicals. This is part of their commitment to maintaining a responsible supply chain. (Source:

2. Who oversees the supply chain performance at BAT?

The supply chain performance at BAT is overseen by professionals like Supply Chain Performance Managers, one example is Jason Deacon, as indicated on LinkedIn. These professionals are likely responsible for monitoring and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain. (Source:

3. How does BAT’s supply chain management support biodiversity and ecosystems?

BAT's supply chain management efforts include initiatives that preserve natural capital, enhance rural livelihoods, and help increase farmers' resilience to climate change. This involves practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation. (Source:

4. Has BAT engaged in any strategic partnerships for supply chain management?

Yes, BAT signed a five-year application co-sourcing contract with Accenture to manage aspects of their supply chain and technology needs. This collaboration aims to improve British American Tobacco’s supply chain management among other functions. (Source:

5. Are there any case studies or academic sources where I can learn more about BAT's supply chain management?

Management documents and case studies from academic institutions such as the Melbourne Business School can provide more detailed insights into BAT's supply chain management practices. (Source:

6. What is the role of Global Leaf Supply Chain professionals at BAT?

Professionals in the Global Leaf Supply Chain at BAT, such as Kasia Szyderska-Skowronska, are likely involved in the management and coordination of leaf tobacco supplies, ensuring sustainable procurement and alignment with company standards and global practices. (Source:

7. Does BAT's supply chain include educational contributions?

While specific contributions to education from the supply chain are not directly mentioned, corporate entities like Reynolds American (affiliated with BAT following a merger) have been known to make educational scholarships available through their foundations. (Source:

These FAQs and answers provide a general view of the supply chain management system at British American Tobacco. For more in-depth information, please refer to the original sources provided.