Tech 'will take supply chain to next level' Molex CSCO

Tech 'will take supply chain to next level'  Molex CSCO

The year ahead will see technology play a significant role in improving supply chain infrastructure, according to Don Hnatyshin, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Molex, a major electronics manufacturer. Hnatyshin predicts increased adoption of digital tools and AI, which will enhance data-driven intelligence and improve supply chain resiliency. He also highlights the importance of selecting the right suppliers in favorable regions and managing inventory levels. Logistics costs are expected to stabilize, but commodities costs may remain high. Overall, technology advancements will help businesses navigate market fluctuations and increase on-time customer deliveries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What advancements in technology are helping to take supply chains to the next level for companies like Molex?

A1: Molex has combined Bridgelux solid-state lighting expertise with advanced Molex interconnect technology to deliver innovative products such as LED energy solutions. Additionally, Molex benefits from advancements in optimization of artificial intelligence within supply chains, which likely contribute to their operational improvements.

Q2: How is Cisco contributing to the advancement of supply chain technology?

A2: Cisco contributes through products like Cisco DNA Spaces and IBM TRIRIGA integrated workplace management system, which optimize workplace utilization and occupancy as part of the broader value proposition of smart building technologies. Additionally, Cisco supports IOS XE SD-WAN technology, which can manage numerous locations efficiently, providing advanced SD-WAN services that contribute to supply chain improvements.

Q3: What are the key benefits of using advanced manufacturing tech in supply chains?

A3: The key benefits include increased efficiency, optimized performance, and the potential for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by operating at scale. Companies are able to manage their supply chains more effectively, adapt to changes rapidly, and integrate smart technologies to better meet customer demands.

Q4: Does Molex offer technology for the medical supply chain?

A4: Yes, Molex provides solutions that are evolving to meet the needs of the medical market, enabling medical devices with advanced technology as the healthcare sector requires continuous innovation in its supply chain.

Q5: What are the roles of smart buildings in enhancing supply chain operations?

A5: Smart buildings, enhanced by technologies from companies like Cisco, play a significant role in supply chain operations by improving the utilization and occupancy of workplaces. These technologies also contribute to the creation of more efficient and responsive environments that support various supply chain activities.

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