Today's modern shipper3PL relationships focus on collaborative ...

Today's modern shipper3PL relationships focus on collaborative ...

According to the 2024 28th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study, relationships, collaboration, and customer service are key components of today's supply chain. The study highlights that shippers and logistics providers are looking to enhance their partnerships to enhance decision-making and manage costs. Shippers are seeking more than just transactional relationships, with 3PLs being expected to provide meaningful KPIs and metrics, automation, and predictive analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Shipper-3PL Relationships

1. When did the Office of the Secretary of Defense mandate the use of Defense Logistics Military Standards (DLMS) for systems interfacing with other systems?

The search result from does not provide the answer directly, but it mentions DLMS in the content.

2. What is outsourced logistics?

The search result from provides a guide to outsourced logistics and the 3PL industry, which could include information related to the question.

3. How can 3PLs align with a company's goals?

The search result from suggests asking the right questions and assessing each 3PL's alignment with a company's goals.

4. What value does a 3PL provide to its shipper customers?

The search result from discusses creating value for shipper customers in the context of 3PLs.

5. How can a 3PL help create better customer relations?

The search result from suggests that the 3PL method can improve the quality of service and elaborates on the benefits.

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