Top 10: Supply chain leaders | Supply Chain Magazine

Top 10: Supply chain leaders | Supply Chain Magazine

With over 30 years of experience in supply chains and emerging markets, Ecclissato is the Chief Business Operations and Supply Chain Officer at Unilever. Rahiya is the Chief Commercial and Supply Chain Officer at Coca-Cola. Harris leads Shell's global supply chain operations. Jordan is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at PepsiCo. Nicolas is the CSCO at HP. Alagirisamy is the CSCO responsible for end-to-end supply chain at an undisclosed company. Venables leads supply chain consulting at PwC Australia. McDermott is the Chief Global Supply Officer at Pfizer. Suma is an experienced supply chain leader in international affairs. Brown has been integral to Dell Technologies' supply chain operations for 25 years.

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FAQ: Top 10 Supply Chain Leaders

1. What is the 'Top 10 Supply Chain Leaders' list?

The 'Top 10 Supply Chain Leaders' list is a feature derived from the 'Top 100 Supply Chain Leaders,' published by Supply Chain Magazine. It highlights Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) and leaders from top companies known for their excellence in supply chain management.

Companies with leaders featured include Unilever, Coca-Cola, Shell, PepsiCo, HP, Nike, and PwC, among others. These leaders have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the supply chain sector.

3. Where can I find the complete Top 100 Supply Chain Leaders list?

The complete list may be available on the Supply Chain Digital website or their associated publications. A direct link to the specific list was not provided, so you may need to search within their site or contact the magazine directly for the complete list.

4. How frequently is the Top 10 Supply Chain Leaders list published?

The specific frequency of publication for the Top 10 list is not mentioned. However, such lists are often published on an annual basis to reflect the changes and updates in the industry.

5. Can I access Supply Chain Magazine online?

Yes, Supply Chain Digital, which publishes Supply Chain Magazine, offers a magazine, website, newsletter, and webinar service covering supply chain and related topics, as indicated by the LinkedIn page of Supply Chain Digital.

6. How does Supply Chain Magazine define a 'Supply Chain Leader'?

A 'Supply Chain Leader' is typically a Chief Supply Chain Officer or executive in a similar role who demonstrates exceptional management and innovation within the company's supply chain operations. Criteria for leadership can include improvements in efficiency, sustainability, technology adoption, and overall supply chain performance.

7. What is the relevance of the Top 10 list for professionals in the industry?

The Top 10 list serves as an inspiration and benchmark for supply chain professionals. It showcases the individuals and strategies that are leading the way in the industry, encouraging best practices and innovation among peers.

8. Where can I access industry best practices for software supply chain security?

The CISA website provides a document on 'Securing the Software Supply Chain: Recommended Practices' which software developers and supply chain professionals are encouraged to reference for guidance that aligns with industry best practices.

9. How can I get inspired by the best global supply chain companies?

Gartner provides a 'Supply Chain Top 25' eBook that you can download. This eBook details what sets apart the best global supply chain companies, offering insights and inspiration for others in the field.

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