Top industry bodies IESA & SEMI partner to boost India's semiconductor goals

Top industry bodies IESA & SEMI partner to boost India's semiconductor goals

Indian stakeholders will be connected to the global semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain through a collaboration focusing on manufacturing, policies, design, skilling, R&D, academia, and supply chains. Subscribe to the Daily Newsletter for updates on the Telecom sector, exclusive stories, insights from business leaders, discussions on challenges and trends, awards, and webinars. Advertise with ETTelecom to reach a wider audience.

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FAQs - IESA & SEMI Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is the partnership between IESA & SEMI?

Answer: IESA (India Electronics and Semiconductor Association) and SEMI have formed a strategic alliance to connect Indian stakeholders with the global semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain.

FAQ 2: What is the main goal of the IESA & SEMI partnership?

Answer: The main goal of the partnership is to establish India as a global hub for electronics manufacturing and design, focusing on semiconductor growth.

FAQ 3: How will the IESA & SEMI partnership benefit India's semiconductor industry?

Answer: The collaboration is expected to foster talent development, policy advocacy, and support services to design and manufacturing companies, which will in turn drive innovation and growth in the Indian semiconductor industry.

FAQ 4: What areas will the IESA & SEMI partnership focus on?

Answer: The partnership will focus on talent development, establishing beneficial policies, enhancing design and manufacturing capabilities, and connecting Indian players with global peers in the semiconductor ecosystem.

FAQ 5: Why is India focusing on the semiconductor industry?

Answer: India aims to increase its presence in the global semiconductor market, reduce dependency on imports, and become a key player in the electronics manufacturing and design sector internationally.

FAQ 6: Does the partnership involve any governmental support?

Answer: While the article does not specify direct governmental involvement in this partnership, such collaborations often align with and benefit from government initiatives aimed at boosting the semiconductor sector in India.

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