Top Supply Chain Execs to Watch in 2023: Ingram Micro Public ...

Top Supply Chain Execs to Watch in 2023: Ingram Micro Public ...

Tony Celeste has led a go-to-market transformation for technology provider Ingram Micro in the public sector. His team launched a subsidiary focused on securing mission-focused technology solutions for government and education markets, resulting in consistent year-over-year growth. Celeste's leadership has expanded the company's focus and enhanced its competitiveness. He is excited about the impact of Ingram Micro's digital experience platform, which transforms the technology solutions supply chain. Celeste has been recognized as one of the 'Top Supply Chain Execs to Watch in 2023'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is one of the top supply chain executives to watch in 2023 according to Washington Exec?

A: Tony Celeste, Executive Director & General Manager of Public Sector for Ingram Micro Public Sector, has been named one of the top supply chain executives to watch in 2023. Source

Q: What recent achievement has Tony Celeste accomplished?

A: Tony Celeste's biggest recent achievement was leading Ingram Micro Public Sector to noteworthy success. The details of the specific achievement are not given in the search results provided.

Q: How has the public recognized Tony Celeste's role in the industry?

A: Tony Celeste has been acknowledged publicly through social media, with Ingram Micro highlighting his recognition as a Top Supply Chain Exec to Watch in 2023 on their official Twitter account. Source

Q: Where can I find more news about Ingram Micro?

A: To find more news about Ingram Micro, you may visit their official website or relevant industry news archives that cover updates and achievements of the company and its executives.

Q: Are there any other lists or recognitions for supply chain executives from other companies apart from Ingram Micro?

A: Yes, other companies and their executives receive recognitions too. For example, Ivanti was named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive's SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for 2019. Source Additionally, Kevin Rooney of Veeam Software was included in CRN's 2023 Top 100 Executives list. Source

Please note that this FAQ is based on the provided search results and may not cover all recent developments or achievements regarding Tony Celeste or other supply chain executives due to the limited information provided.