TVS SCS returns to profitability in Q3 FY24 with PAT of 10.0 Cr

TVS SCS returns to profitability in Q3 FY24 with PAT of 10.0 Cr

TVS Supply Chain Solutions has announced its unaudited financial results for Q3 FY24, with a PAT of INR 10.0 Cr. The company experienced double-digit growth in its Integrated Supply Chain Solutions segment, despite the impact of the UAW strike in North America. It won new contracts with commercial vehicle OEMs, an agri-equipment company, and a glass & materials manufacturer. Its operational discipline offset the strike's impact, leading to margin expansion. The Global Forwarding Solutions business saw weak volumes and pricing, while the NS segment's margins remained consistent. The company achieved break-even with a profit before tax of 0.6 Cr.

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Frequently Asked Questions - TVS SCS Q3 FY24 Profitability

Q1: Did TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVS SCS) return to profitability in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024?

A1: Yes, TVS SCS returned to profitability in Q3 FY24 with a profit after tax (PAT) of ₹10 crore.

Q2: What were the contributing factors to TVS SCS's profitability in Q3 FY24?

A2: The continued growth momentum and margin expansion in Integrated Supply Chain Solutions were the key contributing factors to TVS SCS's return to profitability.

Q3: Where can I find the official financial statement for TVS SCS Q3 FY24 performance?

A3: Official financial statements for TVS SCS are often published on their website and can be found in the investor relations section, or via financial news outlets reporting on the company's performance.

Q4: Was there an earnings call scheduled for Q3 FY24 by TVS SCS?

A4: Yes, TVS SCS scheduled an earnings call for Q3 FY24, and details were to be provided, potentially referenced on the company's investor relations page.

Q5: Has TVS SCS consistently been profitable over the years?

A5: TVS SCS has experienced periods of both profits and losses. For example, in Q1 FY24, they reported widened losses but turned profitable in H1FY23. It is best to look at their financial statements for specific details over time.

Q6: Is there any merger news associated with TVS SCS's Q3 FY24 profitability?

A6: There were reports that alongside the Q3 FY24 profitability announcement, TVS SCS also approved a merger scheme. Specific details would be available in the official press release or financial news reporting on the matter.

Q7: How has the performance of TVS SCS influenced its stock or IPO?

A7: The performance of TVS SCS can influence its stock price and the valuation for its IPO, which received approval from SEBI. The IPO was notable, being overall subscribed 2.85 times during its offering.

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