TVS Supply Chain Solutions expands warehouse footprint in TN; to create 1,200 jobs

TVS Supply Chain Solutions expands warehouse footprint in TN; to create 1,200 jobs

Beauty wellness brand Dr.Rashel opens its first store in Mumbai, while Bata launches its 500th franchise store in India. The FMCG sector is expected to have subdued growth until September quarter of 2024. TVS Supply Chain Solutions expands warehouse footprint in Chennai, adding 6.50 lakh sq. ft. The company now has a total warehouse capacity of 21.85 million sq. ft., creating 1,200 new jobs.

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TVS Supply Chain Solutions Warehouse Expansion FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - TVS Supply Chain Solutions Warehouse Expansion

1. What is TVS Supply Chain Solutions?

TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVS SCS) is an Indian multinational company specializing in transportation, logistics, and warehousing. They offer supply chain management services to various industries and aim to simplify global supply chains.

2. Where is the new TVS SCS warehouse located?

The new warehouse is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

3. How big is the newly expanded warehousing space?

TVS SCS has expanded its warehousing capacity by adding 650,000 square feet of ultra-modern multi-client warehouse space.

4. What additional capabilities does the new warehousing facility offer?

The new warehouse in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, is equipped to offer value-added solutions, although the specific services were not detailed in the information provided.

5. How many jobs is the expansion expected to create?

The warehouse expansion is expected to create approximately 1,200 jobs.

6. What is TVS SCS’s vision for this expansion?

Although not specified in the details, TVS SCS typically expands with a vision of being their customers' preferred end-to-end supply chain partner and collaborator for growth. The warehouse expansion in Hosur is likely part of their goal to enhance their service offerings and support the local economy.

7. When was TVS SCS founded?

TVS Supply Chain Solutions was founded in 2004.

8. Where are the headquarters of TVS SCS?

The company's headquarters are located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

9. What is the size of the company?

TVS SCS is a privately held company with over 10,001 employees globally.

10. How can individuals contact TVS SCS for more information?

Individuals can contact TVS SCS at their headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, via telephone at +91 44 66857777 or through their email (specific email not provided in the search results).

Please note that for the most accurate and detailed information regarding TVS Supply Chain Solutions and its warehouse expansion in Tamil Nadu, individuals should visit the company's official website or contact them directly. The information here is a summary based on the provided search results and may not cover all details of the expansion.