U.S. seeks closer defense supply chain ties with Japan, India: official

U.S. seeks closer defense supply chain ties with Japan, India: official

The U.S. seeks to enhance defense industrial cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific to strengthen supply chain resilience against threats like China. "A strong industrial base is a deterrent," stated Laura Taylor-Kale, assistant secretary of defense for industrial base policy. Nikkei Asian Review has been rebranded as Nikkei Asia, aiming to be the voice of the Asian Century.

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FAQs: U.S. seeks closer defense supply chain ties with Japan, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is the U.S. seeking closer defense supply chain ties with Japan and India?

- The U.S. is looking to build supply chain resilience and strengthen industrial partnerships in the face of strategic challenges and threats, potentially from China. This effort aims to ensure a strong, reliable, and interconnected defense industrial base among the partners.

2. Who mentioned the importance of the industrial base as a strategic asset in this context?

- An official noted in an interview with Nikkei Asia the importance of understanding the industrial base as a strategic asset to maintain a strong and deterrent defense capability.

3. What are the strategic implications of closer defense ties between the U.S., Japan, and India?

- Closer defense ties and an integrated supply chain among these nations can act as a deterrent to any adversarial threat by showcasing a unified front. It also highlights an effort to ensure economic security and technological edge in defense sectors in a geopolitically sensitive region.

4. Are these moves a response to actions or policies from China?

- While the articles do not explicitly state this, the moves appear to be in response to what is termed a "pacing threat," which could be inferred as a reference to China's growing military and economic influence in the region.

5. Is there any official statement on what the U.S. hopes to achieve with closer defense supply chain ties?

- The specific goals have not been detailed in the provided links, but it is likely that the U.S. aims to achieve a synergistic effect on defense production, interoperability, and strategic alignment through tighter supply chain integration with Japan and India.

6. Have there been any past instances of the U.S. seeking to strengthen alliances in the Asia-Pacific region?

- Yes, the U.S. has a history of seeking to strengthen alliances in the region. An example is the U.S. President Joe Biden's in-person summit with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in April 2021 to deepen ties between the two countries as part of the broader challenge to China.

7. What role does India play in the U.S.'s defense strategy in Asia?

- India has increasingly become an important strategic partner in the U.S.'s Asia strategy, with nested strategic partnerships aimed at fostering economic cooperation and regional stability. Closer ties with Japan and the U.S. are also indicative of India's role in a potential restructuring of global supply chains led by the U.S.

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