UPS announces planned 2024 rate increases

UPS announces planned 2024 rate increases

Following the example of FedEx, UPS has announced rate increases for 2024. The rate hikes will go into effect on December 26 and will apply to UPS Ground, UPS Air, and International services. The average net increase for these services will be 5.9%, in line with FedEx's planned rate increases. UPS will also increase rates for certain Value-Added services and Other charges. The changes include a 16% increase in the Zone 2 Additional Weight Handling rate. Additionally, UPS will apply an Additional Handling fee to international shipments weighing 55 pounds or more.

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Q: Are there any planned rate increases by UPS in 2024?

A: According to the search results provided, there is no directly relevant information regarding UPS rate increases in 2024. Therefore, there are no frequently asked questions or answers specifically related to UPS rate increases in 2024 available in the provided search results.