US government turns to more domestic pharma manufacturing to ...

US government turns to more domestic pharma manufacturing to ...

President Biden led the first meeting of the White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience, focusing on reducing American reliance on foreign drug and API manufacturers. The push for boosting domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing comes as drug shortages reach an all-time high. For example, cancer drugs like cisplatin have been in shortage for months, leading to increased imports from India and China. The White House aims to address these issues to strengthen the country's drug supply chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - US Government Turns to More Domestic Pharma Manufacturing

1. Why is the US government focusing on more domestic pharma manufacturing?

Answer: To improve supply chain resilience. The government is likely taking steps to ensure a stable and secure supply of pharmaceuticals by reducing reliance on international sources, which can be affected by global events and trade issues.

2. What prompted the US government to increase domestic pharma manufacturing?

Answer: While the specific article details are not accessible without subscription, commonly understood reasons include concerns over supply chain disruptions, the desire for economic security, and the need to secure access to medications during emergencies such as a pandemic.

3. Has the US government taken any recent actions to support domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Answer: The details of recent actions were not directly available from the search results, but governments typically support such initiatives through funding, policy changes, or regulatory adjustments aimed at encouraging domestic production.

4. What are the potential benefits of more domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing for the US?

Answer: Increased domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing can lead to job creation, faster access to essential medicines, reduced risk of drug shortages, and improved national security in healthcare.

5. Are there any specific drugs or treatments that the US government is looking to produce domestically?

Answer: The links provided don't specify particular drugs or treatments. However, federal investments often focus on essential medications, vaccines, or treatments with strategic importance.

6. How does the Federal Government influence R&D decisions in the pharmaceutical industry?

Answer: According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal government affects R&D decisions by increasing demand for prescription drugs (which encourages new drug development), providing funding for basic research, and offering financial incentives for developing certain drugs.

7. Will there be any changes to the regulatory process for pharmaceuticals as a result of increased domestic production?

Answer: While the search results do not provide specifics, increased domestic production may be accompanied by regulatory evaluations to ensure that the scale-up in manufacturing aligns with safety and efficacy standards.

It's important to note that for specific details about recent actions and developments, one would need to access the full articles or official government announcements which are not fully available in the search results provided.