US House passes ‘OSRA 2.0’ to set new curbs on China’s shipping industry

US House passes ‘OSRA 2.0’ to set new curbs on China’s shipping industry

Legislation is being proposed to strengthen federal maritime law against market manipulation and potential espionage by China. A Chicago-based logistics provider is expanding into the cross-border freight market due to demand from US shippers. A carrier is reintroducing a TP20 service with competitive transit times for shippers preparing for spring and summer stock.

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FAQs - US House passes ‘OSRA 2.0’ to set new curbs on China’s shipping industry

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 'OSRA 2.0'?

Answer: 'OSRA 2.0' refers to legislation passed by the U.S. House that imposes new curbs on China's shipping industry. It is aimed at giving federal maritime law more power, as suggested by mentions in various articles on However, specific details about the legislation are not provided in your search results.

2. Why has the US House passed 'OSRA 2.0'?

Answer: Although not explicitly stated in the search results, the US House likely passed 'OSRA 2.0' to address concerns related to China's shipping industry's operations and to enhance the regulatory framework governing it. Based on the context of the snippets, the legislation might be part of broader efforts to address issues such as export backlogs and fair trade practices.

3. How did the US House vote on the 'OSRA 2.0' bill?

Answer: Details of the vote on 'OSRA 2.0' are not evident in the provided snippets. The closest related detail is about a bipartisan ocean shipping bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives on a 369-42 vote in June 2022.

4. What impact will 'OSRA 2.0' have on China's shipping industry?

Answer: The specific impact of 'OSRA 2.0' on China's shipping industry is not clarified in the search results. It is generally implied that the legislation is designed to place new restrictions or curbs on China's shipping industry, but the nature of these restrictions is not detailed in the provided content.

5. When was 'OSRA 2.0' passed by the US House?

Answer: The exact date 'OSRA 2.0' was passed is not directly stated in the given search results. There are repeated mentions of the legislation across articles on different dates, which suggests that it is a recent development, but without a definitive date provided.

6. Where can I find more information about 'OSRA 2.0'?

Answer: For more detailed information about 'OSRA 2.0,' it would be necessary to search for additional sources that provide the full context and text of the legislation. might have comprehensive coverage on the bill, and official government websites would have the actual text of the legislation and details on its progression through the House.

Please note that the responses provided here are based on the limited information available in the search result snippets. For the most accurate and detailed information, direct access to the articles or official legislative documents would be required.