Volkswagen Plans to Supply EV Parts, Cells to India's Mahindra

Volkswagen Plans to Supply EV Parts, Cells to India's Mahindra

Volkswagen AG to supply electric vehicle components and batteries to Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. for upcoming electric SUVs in India. The supply pact, signed in 2022, will run over several years with a total volume of 50 gigawatt hours. Global carmakers are increasing interest in India's EV market, with BMW targeting 25% EV sales by 2025. Volkswagen plans to focus on EVs in India starting in 2024.

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Volkswagen & Mahindra EV Parts Supply Agreement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Volkswagen Plans to Supply EV Parts, Cells to India's Mahindra

1. What is the nature of the agreement between Volkswagen and Mahindra?

- Volkswagen Group and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. have signed a supply agreement that will involve Volkswagen providing key electric vehicle components and battery cells for Mahindra's own electric platform, known as Inglo.

2. When did Volkswagen and Mahindra start collaborating on electric vehicle components?

- Volkswagen and Mahindra started their collaboration in 2022 with a partnering agreement and a term sheet.

3. What will Mahindra receive from Volkswagen as per the supply agreement?

- Mahindra will receive electric vehicle components, including parts from Volkswagen's MEB (modular electric drive matrix) platform, as well as unified cells for battery systems.

4. Is the financial detail of the supply agreement between Volkswagen and Mahindra available to the public?

- No, the financial details of the supply agreement were not disclosed at the time the agreement was reported.

5. What significance does this agreement hold for Mahindra?

- This agreement is significant for Mahindra as it becomes the first external automaker to utilize components of Volkswagen's MEB platform. This will support the development of Mahindra's purpose-built electric vehicle platform called INGLO.

6. Why is Volkswagen supplying electric vehicle components to Mahindra?

- Volkswagen is supplying EV components to Mahindra as a part of its strategy to create partnerships and expand the reach of its MEB electric components to other markets and manufacturers.

7. What does the agreement mean for Mahindra's electric vehicles (EVs)?

- This agreement will enable Mahindra's electric vehicles to be equipped with advanced EV components and technology from a leading global automotive manufacturer, potentially enhancing the quality, efficiency, and performance of Mahindra's EV range.

8. Which company's platform will be utilized in the supply agreement between Volkswagen and Mahindra?

- The supply agreement is centered around Volkswagen's MEB electric components for integration into Mahindra's "Born Electric Platform."

Please note that the above FAQs are based on the information available up to the knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, and for the most current details, one should refer directly to the latest news releases and the companies involved.