Walmart calls for flexibility as NRF says US retail will hit $5.28trn just

Walmart calls for flexibility as NRF says US retail will hit $5.28trn  just

Walmart CEO John Furner emphasized the importance of leveraging data and technology to address supply chain disruptions in the retail sector at the NRF State of Retail & Consumer 2024 event. Furner highlighted Walmart's focus on supply chain diversification and nearshoring initiatives in the US to enhance flexibility and meet customer demand more effectively. NRF predicts moderate growth in US retail sales in 2024.

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FAQ: Walmart Calls for Flexibility as NRF Says US Retail Will Hit $5.28 Trillion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the predicted US retail sales figure for 2024 according to NRF?

A: The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that US retail sales will reach $5.28 trillion in 2024. Source

Q: How much growth did US retail sales see in 2023?

A: US retail sales saw 3.6% annual sales growth, reaching $5.1 trillion in 2023. Source

Q: What does Walmart's CEO urge regarding the supply chain?

A: Walmart's CEO urges the need for supply chain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and demands. Source

Q: Has NRF made any predictions about a US recession in 2023?

A: NRF predicts "slight growth" for the US economy in 2023 and believes that a recession is 'unlikely'. Source

Q: Did the NRF forecast the 2023 holiday sales season outcomes?

A: Yes, the NRF's chief economist predicts a “record-breaking” 2023 holiday sales season in the US. Source

Q: What is the significance of Walmart's call for flexibility?

A: Walmart is emphasizing the importance of agility in supply chain operations to accommodate the expected growth in retail sales and possible challenges that may arise in the marketplace. Source

Q: Where can I find more details about NRF's stance on retail and the economy?

A: You can visit the National Retail Federation's official website at for more resources and detailed insights into their stance on retail and the broader economy.

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