Walmart taps new suppliers in India

Walmart taps new suppliers in India

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FAQ - Walmart taps new suppliers in India

Frequently Asked Questions - Walmart taps new suppliers in India

Q1: What commitments has Walmart made regarding sourcing from India?

A1: Walmart has committed to sourcing $10 billion of India-made goods each year by 2027. This expansion in sourcing will involve the development of hundreds of new suppliers in various categories, including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumables.

Q2: What is Walmart's approach to supporting new suppliers in India?

A2: Walmart appears to be focused on supporting the growth of new suppliers through their global supply chain and team of experts. They encourage new suppliers to join the Walmart Marketplace and take advantage of Walmart's fulfillment services to bring their products to a wide audience of Walmart shoppers.

Q3: How can businesses become Walmart suppliers from India?

A3: Businesses interested in becoming Walmart suppliers from India can refer to the Supplier Reference Guide provided by Walmart. This document likely includes information on how to join Walmart's supply chain network, and interested businesses can contact Walmart at the regional email provided (India, SE Asia, Australia: for more specific instructions and guidelines.

Q4: Is there a specific guide or support system for Indian suppliers traveling for Walmart business?

A4: Walmart has specific travel guides and policies in place, such as the International Travel Guide and Domestic Travel Guide for Walmart GTS India. These guides include instructions on how travel arrangements should be made, including the approval processes for supplier factory visits and other business-related travels.

Q5: What kind of support does Walmart offer for technological innovation among Indian suppliers?

A5: Walmart Global Tech focuses on driving retail technology innovation, which can include support for suppliers in terms of integrating with Walmart's advanced supply chain and logistics systems. New suppliers could potentially leverage this technological support to optimize their operations and meet Walmart's retail solution standards.

Q6: Does Walmart plan to increase its investment in India outside of supplier sourcing?

A6: While the specific search results don't provide details on investment, Walmart's commitment to sourcing $10 billion of India-made goods annually by 2027 suggests a significant investment in the Indian market, which may also lead to broader economic contributions and business expansions in the region.

Please note that the responses are based on the information available from the provided links, and for the most current and detailed information, it would be advisable to reach out directly to Walmart or visit their official corporate website.